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Researchers of the ICA

Gleb V. Aleksandrov – Research Fellow. Ph.D.

          Research interests: Native-colonial relations and cross-cultural contacts in early colonial North America, evolution of colonial ideas in the British Atlantic.

          Main publications: The Problem of Integration of Indigenous People Into the Colonial Society in XVIIth Century New England. Moscow University Bulletin. Series 8. History. 2015. № 3; Eliot’s “Praying Towns” as a Model for an Administration Reform. Moscow University Bulletin. Series 21. Public Administration. 2016. № 2; The Indians, the Dutch and the English: European Colonial Expansion in Early XVIIth Century New England and the Causes of the Pequot War. Moscow University Bulletin. Series 21. Public Administration. 2016. № 4; The New England Confederation as an early Attempt at Unification and Independent Policy-making in the British Colonies in the New World. The British World: An Experience in Political, Social and Cultural Development. The Materials of the International Conference in Saint-Petersburg, March, 24-25, 2016. Moscow: Institute of World History, Russian Academy of Sciences, 2016; Current Trends in US Demographics. Public Administration. E-Journal. 2018. № 4.

          E-mail:  glaleksandrov@gmail.com


Anastasia A. Banshchikova – Vice-Director. Ph.D. 

           Research interests: culture and cultural anthropology of Ancient Egypt; Ancient Egyptian literature and its folklore components; perception of Ancient Egypt in medieval Arab sources; historical memory of the slave trade in modern Tanzania; urbanization and its challenges in modern Tanzania.

           Fieldwork: Nigeria, Tanzania, Benin, Rwanda.

Main publications: Urbanization and Mutual Help Groups: Contribution to Nation-Building in Tanzania. Social Evolution & History. 2018. Vol. 17. No. 1 (with O. Ivanchenko); Crucial Periods in Ancient Egyptian Historical Tradition and Consciousness.Moscow: LENAND (URSS), 2015 (in Russian); The Images of Women in Ancient Egyptian Literature. Moscow, LIBROKOM (URSS), 2009. 2nd ed.: Moscow: LENAND (URSS), 2014 (in Russian).

           E-mail: abanshchikova@hse.ru


Anastasia A. Banshchikova and Oxana V. Ivanchenko with friends and respondents in Bagamoyo, Tanzania

Dmitri D. Beliaev – Senior Research Fellow. Ph.D. 

Research interests: social theory, anthropological and historical theory, political anthropology,Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, Maya archaeology, Maya epigraphy.

Fieldwork: Mexico, Guatemala.

Main publications: Los monumentos de Itsimte (Petén, Guatemala): Nuevos datos e interpretaciones. Arqueología Iberoamericana. 2018. Vol. 38 (with S. Vepretskii); K’ahk’ Ti’ Ch’ich’: A New Snake King from the Early Classic Period. The PARI Journal. 2017. Vol. 17, No. 3 (with S. Martin); The Syllabic Sign we and an Apologia for Delayed Decipherment. The PARI Journal. 2016. Vol. 17, No. 2 (with M. Zender, A. Davletshin); Nuevo estudio del Templo VI (Templo de las Inscripciones) de Tikal, Guatemala. Arqueología Iberoamericana. 2016. No. 29 (with M. de Leon, P. Galeev et al); It Was Then That That Which Had Been Clay Turned into a Man: Reconstructing Maya Anthropogonic Myths. Axis Mundi: Journal of the Slovak Association for the Study of Religions. 2014. Vol. 9, № 1 (with A. Davletshin).
            E-mail: dbelyaev@hse.ru


 Dmitri D. Beliaev in the Temple of the Inscriptions in Tikal, Peten, Guatemala

Dmitri M. Bondarenko – Director. Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ph.D., Dr. Habil., Prof.

           Research interests: social theory, anthropological and historical theory, political anthropology,culture and history of Africa south of the Sahara, socio-cultural transformations and intercultural interaction (including ethnic, racial, and religious aspects)with special focus on Africa and people of African descent worldwide.

           Fieldwork: Benin, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Russia, USA.

Main publications (of over 500 in total): Benin on the Eve of the First Contacts with Europeans: Personality. Society. Authority. Moscow: Institute for African Studies Press, 1995 (in Russian); Pre-imperial Benin: Formation and Evolution of the Socio-political Institutions System. Moscow: Institute for African Studies Press, 2001 (in Russian); A Popular History of Benin. The Rise and Fall of a Mighty Forest Kingdom. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2003 (with P.M. Roese); Homoarchy: A Principle of Culture’s Organization. The 13th – 19th Centuries Benin Kingdom as a Non-State Supercomplex Society. Moscow: KomKniga, 2006; The Axial Ages of World History: Lessons for the 21st Century. Litchfield Park, AZ: Emergent Publications, 2014 (with K. Baskin); The Shades of Black: Cultural-Anthropological Aspects of Mutual Perceptions and Relations between African Americans and African Migrants in the U.S.A. Moscow: LRC, 2016 (in Russian; the English version is to be released by Sean Kingston Publishing in 2019 under the title African Americans & American Africans: Race, Migration, History and Identity).

           E-mail: dbondarenko@hse.ru


Dmitri M. Bondarenko doing fieldwork in the village of Nakabaale, Uganda

Marina L. Butovskaya – Principal Research Fellow. Ph.D., Dr. Habil., Prof.

           Research interests: nature-nurture interaction; evolution of human behavior, particularly aggression and conflict management, reproductive behavior, cooperation; culture of Africa south of the Sahara; socio-cultural transformations and intercultural interaction with special focus on nonindustrial societies.

           Fieldwork: Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Armenia, Austria, Germany, Russia.

           Main publications (among most recent, of over 400 in total): Manipulations of the Corpus in the Context of Life Cycle Rites among the Datoga Cattle Breeders of Northern Tanzania. Social Evolution and History. 2015, 14 (1) (with V. Burkova and A. Mabulla); Polymorphisms of two loci at the oxytocin receptor gene in populations of Africa, Asia and South Europe. BMC genetics, 2016, 17 (with P. Butovskaya, O. Lazebny et al.); Waist-to-hip ratio, body-mass index, age and number of children in seven traditional societies. Scientific reports. 2017, 7(1) (with A. Sorokowska, M. Karwowski et al.); Visual Perception of British Women’s Skin Color Distribution in Two Nonindustrialized Societies, the Maasai and the Tsimane’. Evolutionary Psychology. 2017, 15(3) (with B. Fink, P. Sorokowski et al.); Associations of physical strength with facial shape in an African pastoralist society, the Maasai of Northern Tanzania. PloS one.2018, 13(5) (with S. Windhager, D. Karelin et al.).

           E-mail: mbutovskaya@hse.ru

Marina L. Butovskaya with the Datooga friends, Tanzania

Albert I. Davletshin – Senior Research Fellow. Ph.D.

          Research interests: typology of logo-syllabic writing systems, Mayan, Nahuatl, Epi-Olmec, Harappan and Zapotec scripts, Kohau Rongorongo of Easter Island, Mesoamerican historical linguistics, Polynesian languages and anthropology.

          Fieldwork: Papua New Guinea, Easter Island, Mexico, Russia.

Main publications: Nukeria Creation Story. Anthropos 113, 2018; Socio-political organization of the pre-contact Nukuria according to the local oral tradition. Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 142, 2017; Allographs, Graphic Variants and Iconic Formulae in the Kohau Rongorongo Script of Rapa Nui (Easter Island). Journal of the Polynesian Society 126(1), 2017; Conditioned sound changes in the Rapanui language. Oceanic Linguistics 55(2), 2016; Surgimiento de la tradición histórica en Mesoamérica Sudeste: Texto e imagen en la estela 5 de Abaj Takalik. V. Vasquez, R. Valencia and E. Gutierrez (eds.), Socio-Political Strategies Among the Maya from the Classic Period to the Present, B.A.R. International Series 2619, Oxford, 2014.

           E-mail: adavletshin@hse.ru


Albert I. Davletshin and Dmitri D. Beliaev at Knorosov Center of Maya Language and Epigraphy, Mexico


Farewell dance performed for the expedition members including Albert I. Davletshin on the Puhuria island (the Nukuria atoll), Papua New Guinea

Oxana V. Ivanchenko – Junior Research Fellow. MA. 

           Research interests: urban anthropology; Sub-Saharan Africa; social movements; informal settlements; rotating savings and credit associations; mutual help groups; ethnic identity; socio-cultural processes in Tanzania; uswahilini.

           Fieldwork: Tanzania, Zambia, Russia.

Main publications: Urbanization and Mutual Help Groups: Contribution to Nation-Building in Tanzania. Social Evolution & History. 2018. Vol. 17. No. 1 (with A. Banshchikova); Women's mutual help groups in the modern urban communities of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Women's Organizations in Africa as a Form of Political and Sociocultural Self-Expression. Moscow: Institute for African Studies Press, 2017 (in Russian); Formal and informal foundations of trust in mutual help groups of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) residents. Vostok / Oriens. 2017, № 1 (in Russian); Tanzania. Mutual help groups in urban communities. Asia and Africa today. 2015, № 4 (with D. Zelenova and P. Popov; in Russian). 

           E-mail: oivanchenko@hse.ru


Oxana V. Ivanchenko during fieldwork in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Sergey V. Kostelyanets – Senior Research Fellow. Ph.D. 

          Research interests: armed political/ethnopolitical conflicts and conflict resolution in Africa, with a particular focus on North Africa and the Horn of Africa; political violence, including terrorism.

          Main publications (of over 60 in total): Darfur: A History of the Conflict. Moscow: Institute for African Studies Press, 2014 (in Russian); The Conflict in Darfur Region: the Regional Dimension.Vostok, 2015, 1 (in Russian); Sudan’s Regional Policy in the Context of the Arab Crisis. Asia and Africa today, 2015, 7 (in Russian); Security Threats in Africa: Contemporary Tendencies. MGLU, 2018 (in Russian, with G. Sidorova and N. Zherlitsyna); Terrorism in Africa: Specifics, Trends and Prospects. Puti k miru i bezopasnosti, 2016, 2(51) (in Russian). 

           E-mail: skostelyanec@hse.ru

Alina O. Lapushkina – Junior Research Fellow. MA. 

Research interests: Evolution of social Institutions, Education, Anthropology of Childhood, Religious syncretism, Culture and History of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Fieldwork: Ghana, Uganda.

Main publications: The Avatime People: Traditional Rituals and Christianity. Asia and Africa today. 2015. № 6. (in Russian).

           E-mail: alapushkina@hse.ru


Alina O. Lapushkina with Avatime schoolchildren, Ghana

Alexander A. Nemirovskiy – Senior Research Fellow. Ph.D. 

          Research interests: Ancient Near East, ethno- and politogenesis, mentality and ethics of archaic societies, archaic and ancient epic and literary-historic traditions, Hurrians, Hyksos, Kassites and Kassite Babylonia; North-Eastern Asia, Yukaghirs.

          Fieldwork: Russia.

          Main publications (of over 200 in total): To the origins of ancient Hebrew ethnogenesis. The Patriarchal tradition of the Old Testament and the ethnopolitical history of the Near East. Moscow: Institute of World History. 2001 (in Russian); On the Sun, my father, I rely: IBoT I 34 and the history of Upper Mesopotamia in the 13th century. BC. Moscow: Institute of World History. 2007 (in Russian; with B. Alexandrov); Materials for the study of the Yukaghir epic of Halandin. Moscow: Buki-Vedi, 2017 (in Russian); Babylonian presence on the borders of Egyptian possessions in Asia throughout the Amarna Age. Moving Across Borders. Foreign Relations, Religion and Cultural Interactions in the Ancient Mediterranean (Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta, 159) Louvain, 2008 (with P. Prokopieva); Manetho and his work in a new study. Journal of Ancient History. 2018. 78. No. 4. C. 1-21 (in print, (n Russian; with I. Ladynin).

           E-mail: anemirovskiy@hse.ru


Alexey S. Shchavelev – Senior Research Fellow. Ph.D. 

           Research interests: Early Medieval History; History of Post-Roman Barbarians in Eurasia; Historical Anthropology; Political Anthropology; Early Medieval Archaeology; Early States; Chronology, Political Organization & Historical Geography of European Polities in the First Millennium A.D.

           Fieldwork: Russia.

           Main publications (of over 1500 in total): Slavic Legends about the First Princes. A Comparative Research of the Models of Power in Slavs. Moscow, 2007. (in Russian); Vikings. Between Scandinavia and Rus’. Moscow, 2009 (first edition), 2013 (second), 2017 (third), 2018 (forth, forecoming) (with A. Fetisov, in Russian); The Rurikids’ Polity in the first half of the 10th century: Chronology, Territory & Social Structure. Studia Slavica et Balcanica Petropolitana. 2017. № 1 (21) (in Russian).

            E-mail: ashchavelev@hse.ru 

 Daria A. Zelenova – Senior Research Fellow. Ph.D. 

           Research interests: Urban anthropology, grassroots social movements, urban informality, informal housing practices, informal self-help groups, migrant communities in post-soviet cities.

           Fieldwork: Netherlands, South Africa.

           Main publications: Informal within the Formal: Case Study of Informal Kindergartens among Migrant Women in Moscow. Urbanities. Special Issue “Ethnographic Insights on the Informal and the Formal: Urban Governance in Times of Crisis”. In print, to be published in 2019; Economy of a miracle and virtualization of mutual help in contemporary South Africa. Etnographicheskoe obozrenie No. 2. In print, to be published in 2019 (with V. Kruchinsky); Practices of Self Organization in South Africa: The Experience of the 1980s and its Implications for Contemporary Protest. Anarcho-Syndicalist Review. 2017. No. 71.

           E-mail: dzelenova@hse.ru


Daria A. Zelenova in a transit camp in Cape Town, South Africa


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