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The Fiscal Economy of Good Government. Past and Present

Blanton R. E., Fargher L. F., Feinman G. M. et al.

Current Anthropology. 2021. Vol. 62. No. 1. P. 77-100.

Book chapter
A Tangle of Memory: The Eternitate Memorial Complex in Chişinău and History Politics in Moldova
In press

Voronovici A.

In bk.: Diversity in the East-Central European Borderlands: Memories, Cityscapes, People. ibidem Verlag; Columbia University Press, 2021. P. 297-332.

Working paper
Not backward: Comparative labour productivity in British and Russian manufacturing, circa 1908

Lychakov N., Saprykin D., Vanteeva N.

Humanities. HUM. Basic Research Programme, 2020

Tag "publications" – News

HSE Academic Wins Prize of Dinasty Foundation

Stalin: Zhizn odnovo vozhdya  or  Stalin: New Biography of A Dictator  by Oleg Khlevniuk, Leading Research Fellow at the International Centre for the History and Sociology of WWII and Its Consequences, has won the Prosvetitel [Enlightener] 2015 Prize for Biography.  

Articles by HSE Professors Published in ‘Word and Image in Russian History’ Collection

Academic Studies Press issued the ‘Word and Image in Russian History: Essays in Honor of Gary Marker’. The articles ‘Businesswomen in Eighteenth-Century Russian Provinicial Towns’ by Alexander Kamenskii and ‘Catherine’s Liberation of the Greeks: High-Minded Discourse and Everyday Realities’ by Elena Smilyanskaya were also included in the collection.

Book by Liudmila Novikova Translated into Italian

The publishing house Viella issued the Italian edition of the book La “Controrivoluzione” in Provincia. Movimento Bianco e Guerra Civile nella Russia del Nord, 1917–1920 (Provincial Counter-revolution: White Movement and the Civil War in North Russia, 1917-1920) by Liudmila Novikova, Deputy Director of The International Center for the History and Sociology of World War II and Its Consequences and Associate Professor at the School of History.
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