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Antonina V. Sharova Sharova, Antonina V. First Deputy Dean
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Faculty of History


Article by Alexander Makhov Published

The article ‘Popular Knowledge Of The Past In Discussions On A City Online Forum’ (WP BRP 78/HUM/2014) by Alexander Makhov, Postgraduate Student at the Faculty of History was published in a series of working papers ‘Humanities’. The article covers the analysis of the past in discussions during a city online forum. The author tries to conceptualize the nature of popular knowledge. Read more

Dec 13, 2014

Article by Elena Vishlenkova Published

The article 'To Invent Or Copy: Ethnic And Spatial Images Of The Pre-Photographical Epoch' (WP BRP 77/HUM/2014) by Elena Vishlenkova, Professor at the Faculty of History was published in a series of working papers ‘Humanities’. The research is dedicated to theoretical aspects of visual culture and national imagination analysis in Russian Empire from the second half of the 18th century to the first third of the 19th century. Read more

Dec 11, 2014

HSE Tenured Professor Oleg Voskoboynikov Has Won the Prix Maurice Wachsmacher

Associate Professor at the Department of Social History Oleg Voskoboynikov has won the Humanities Prize 2014 for his translation into Russian of French art historian Roland Recht’s Le croire et le voir: L'art des cathédrales, XIIe-XVe siècle (Believing and Seeing, The Art of Gothic Cathedrals) in a volume published by the HSE Publishing House. The prize was awarded by the French Ambassador to Russia, Jean-Maurice Ripert who signed a certificate at the ceremony for the winner to travel to France.

Dec 4, 2014

Igor Fedyukin, Director of the Centre for Source Studies, Spoke at Conferences in Florence and Lyon

Igor Fedyukin spoke about the role of ‘idealists’ in educational innovations during the time of Peter the Great in a speech at the European University Institute (Florence, November 3, 2014), and at an international colloquium ‘European Innovations, Norms and Models in the Russian Empire: 18th – early 20th centuries’ (Lyon, November 7, 2014), organized by the University of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne and Urals Federal University with the participation of École normale supérieure de Lyon.

Nov 21, 2014

Apollon Davidson and Antonina Sharova Presented Their Reports at the International Conference ‘Russia and Britain – Cultural Interactions in the 20th Century’ in London

Professor Apollon Davidson and Associate Professor Antonina Sharova presented their reports during the International Conference ‘Russia and Britain – Cultural Interactions in the 20th Century’. 

Nov 10, 2014

Faculties Still Expanding at HSE

As part of organizational reform at HSE, two more ‘big’ faculties are being created – the Faculty of Economic Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities. These faculties will include educational and research divisions in their corresponding fields. Changes will also take place in the structure of HSE’s Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics.

Nov 3, 2014

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